Product Review: Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil

If you have been keeping up with the K-Beauty world, you probably have seen how Beauty of Joseon has taken up a storm in the Western beauty world. Beauty of Joseon focuses on Hanbang, or traditional Korean medicine, in their skincare.  My personal favorite, as mentioned in our staff picks article, is the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water. So what are the benefits of ginseng? I find that the better question is what aren’t the benefits? Ginseng is super hydrating, contains an abundance of antioxidants, helps with evening out skin tone, protects the skin from external stimuli, aids in fighting fine name it. So when oo35mm got the Ginseng Cleansing Oil in store, I knew I had to try and give a review! 


The cleansing oil comes in a sleek matte bottle with a white twist lock to dispense the product. Although packaging is not important in determining effectiveness, I find that attractive packaging adds to the overall appeal. The cleansing oils I have used previously came with a stopper to keep the product from accidentally dispensing. However, I would frequently misplace the stopper so I love having cleansing oils with a twist lock feature. 

How It Applies

The first time I tried the cleansing oil, I had no makeup on, just a couple layers of sunscreen plus the grime accumulated from the day. With a light coppery brown color, it is a few shades lighter compared to the Ginseng Essence Water. I appreciate that the texture is very light and does not feel like I am dragging a thick layer of oil across my face. There is no fragrance to this cleansing oil, just a mild hint of an herbal ginseng smell. Upon contact with my skin, the oil sinks gracefully, working with my fingers to melt away any texture bumps. After adding water, the cleansing oil emulsifies, allowing for a deeper cleanse. I then tested the product but this time with a full face of makeup on. I found the oil was able to effectively remove my face and eye makeup, including the waterproof mascara I had on— and we know how difficult removing Japanese mascaras can be. I use hair gel to give myself bushy eyebrows which means my brow hairs are hardened and locked in place at the end of the day. In my makeup removers I look for ones that are also able to get rid of what is on my brows without having to rub too much. The Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil did exactly that! After washing away the mixture of colors, my face felt refreshed, smooth, and dare I say radiant? 

What It Is

Looking further into the ingredient list, I noticed that the majority of this cleansing oil was comprised of soybean oil at 50%. Soybean oil is an amazing ingredient to have in your cleansing oil as its texture is ultra nourishing and helps improve moisture retention. The Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Oil came to mind as soybean oil is the first ingredient for both cleansing oils with olive oil extract following closely behind. The texture of the cleansing oils are similar as well. I was also impressed by the addition of micellar water technology in the Ginseng Cleansing Oil which I feel contributes to how light the consistency is. Lastly, the star ingredient, ginseng, is concentrated at 0.1%. While the concentration is not the highest, I am reminded that this product’s function first and foremost is a cleansing oil. Compared to the Ginseng Essence, which contains 80% Ginseng Root Water, it makes sense that there is a lower concentration of ginseng in a product meant to be washed off. Regardless, I am giving myself a facial massage with ginseng which aids in improving overall blood flow and skin dullness. Priced at $19.99 for a 210 ml bottle, I find the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Cleansing Oil to be affordable and worth adding to your skincare collection.


  • Comprised of ginseng seed oil and soybean oil
  • Removes all makeup, including waterproof mascaras
  • Lightweight texture with hydrating finish suitable for all skin types
  • Micellar water technology aids in attracting dirt and residue from skin 



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