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E-heart Sexy V-Line Beauty Bra - White


E-Heart Sexy V-Line Beauty Bra features: Made from sunbeam textile COOL TECH patented perspiration fiber, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial and excellent antibacterial and anti-deodorant functions to keep you fresh and confident Day wear - to build woman breast shape, sleep wear - to prevent chest expansion Can be worn 24 hours Designed by E-Heart Liu Made in Taiwan Designed for comfort One piece chest pad design Builds deep-V curve without wearing bra

Size S Upper chest circumference: 74~80cm Material: Polyester 93%, 7% of the elastic fibers (outer cloth), 75% of the nylon fiber, 25% of the elastic fibers (lining) Size: M Upper chest circumference: 79 ~ 87cm Material: Polyester 93%, 7% of the elastic fibers (outer cloth), 75% of the nylon fiber, 25% of the elastic fibers (lining) Instructions for use: Wear it like a bra

Note: Remove chest pad before cleaning Keep away from sharp objects so as not to scratch the product Do not pull with much force to avoid product damage Do not use if any wounds or inflamed fat is concentrated at the lace area Use laundry net for machine wash to maintain its shape Do not use softener Avoid using during pregnancy, lactation or when experiencing high blood pressure If any irritation occurs (eg: rash, redness, pain) stop use immediately and seek medical attention immediately

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