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Solaris Lab Alchemy Of U 6 Piece Chakra Grid


6 Grade A crystals: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, Larimar 2 crystal grids: "GLOW" and "DETOX" demonstrating arrangement of crystals on the face 

What’s a Facial Crystal Grid?
In a sense, this is the most unique meditative facial out there. This facial grid amplifies the emanating energy of the crystals to take your skincare routine to the next level. Our gemstone combination has been selected to rejuvenate the skin and detoxify the aura by balancing the energy on a physical mental and emotional level. Pamper yourself by taking 10 minutes from daily stress, tension or emotional pollutants by laying back and experiencing the most relaxing gemstone facial. The meditative state will leave your aura cleansed and skin glowing from within. 

1. Clear quartz is the master healer and energy amplifier, it’s high vibrations can be used to amplify other stones used in beauty or treatment. Clear Quartz is a soul cleanser and can help through any mental, emotional, physical or spiritual dilemmas. In beauty: promotes overall skin health, a protectant that energizes the skin leaving it glowing from within.

2. Amethyst is known as the tranquilizer crystal. It is a very purifying, rebalancing, restorative gemstone that also emits high vibration of peacefulness. In beauty: can be moistened and rubbed over the blemish to calm irritation, promotes oxygen flow in the skin, restores freshness and is also known for its detoxification properties.

3. Aquamarine symbolizes happiness and everlasting youth. It opens up energy channels of clarity to give a sense of courage, strength, and execution. In beauty: very cooling and soothing for inflammation it also refreshes and invigorates the skin.

4.Smoky Quartz: Known for Grounding and cleansing negative energy. Smoky quartz is the most potent energy detoxifying stone that absorbs negative energy and emanates balanced uplifted vibrations.

5. Pink Quartz is a powerhouse for love and anything love related. It not only strengthens all love relationships from family, friends, and partners but it is also used to attract new love. It counteracts and drives away negative energy, cleanses the aura and promotes strong vibration of love and happiness. In beauty: used dating back 7000BC for its anti-aging properties such as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting glow and detoxification of the skin.

6. Larimar is very rare and found only in one location of the world, known for its serenity and promoting relaxation in every aspect it is known to cool and soothe any emotion. As a powerful emotional cleanser, it can heal any stress and anxiety-related issues. Please note: No two crystals are identical in shape or color. You may get some crystals that are slightly larger or smaller, lighter or darker in color, or slightly different shape than the crystals displayed on the model. We hand pack each batch of products and select the closest ones to the stones displayed on our model. If you notice cracks, milkiness, or localized residue inside the crystal these are all normal phenomena of crystal formation that are prized amongst gemstone collectors for the uniqueness of each stone.

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