Gatsby Moving Rubber Multi Form 15g

15g Travel Size Multi Form wax was designed uniquely to both tighten and expand the look of the hair. This wax creates the contrast of both neatness and movement. This product should be used to achieve a more reserved and natural look while still producing the movement you desire. Recommended hair length: Short, Medium-Short, Medium or Longer Styling Power: +++++++--- (7/10) Shine:++++++----  (6/10) Paraben-free Made in Japan How To 1. Scoop out just a small amount of wax (fingernail -sized) and rub well between palms until wax turns ransparent. 2. Placing hands on side of head, scrunch and shake wildly from hair roots to ends. Avoid fringe and make sure to press down on side burns and around ears. 3. Gather hair from top and back of hair, cross fingers on crown as if you are making a mohawk and make your hair stand! 4. Scrunch and raise up middle section of fringe. Use your fingers to comb sides of fringe inwards. 5. Tease hair ends all along center of mohawk. Twist hair ends around ears outwards. Close the lid tightly after every use.

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