Pony Effect

Pony Effect Smooth Dough Puff V2

2 Pieces

Best and Steady-Selling Cushion Puff- The PONY EFFECT Smooth Dough Puff is a high quality versatile cushion puff that can be used with liquid, cream and powder type foundation that has been a steady seller in Korea ever since its launch. Compared to that of other brands, the puff consumes less product and is more efficient at applying the product evenly on the skin.

- This high-definition cushion puff can be used for any type of formula

- Can be used wet or dry

This high-definition cushion puff can be used for applying, blending, and fixing liquid, balm, powder and any type of formula. Both sides of the puff can be used to apply product. Simply switch the handle over to the other side when needed.

Delivers foundation from puff to face much more evenly compared to cushion puffs from other brands.

Consumes less product compared to cushion puffs from other brands so you can prevent from wasting foundation or other products.

Can be used for both dry and wet, but increases moisture level when used wet and gives the skin a fully hydrated, dewy look.

How To Use
Pick up the product you want to apply with the puff, tap off the excess on the back of your hand, then pat on the face to apply and set product.
To clean the puff, rinse with soap and warm water, then press the puff onto a clean towel and leave it to air dry.

Freshness Guarantee

We are proud to offer this 100% Fresh Quality Guarantee. Stock is received in small batches every month to ensure product freshness. All our products are manufactured within a year (depending on the brand). If you received a product 6 months from expiry, you qualify for up to 50% off!*

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*Subject to certain brands
Certain brands do not have a long manufacturing date, in this case we do not have control over how long the manufacture date can be.


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