Shikien W-1 Tongue Smooth


1 Brush - assorted color

The S-Care is a specialized tongue brush produced through joint research between SHIKIEN Co., Ltd. and the Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences.
The S-Care is designed to gently remove the coating on the tongue and is effective in dealing with the tongue’s microstructures.

We recommended the S-Care for those concerned about unpleasant breath or who wish to keep their mouth clean.

Removes the coating on the tongue, which is said to be a cause of bad breath

Specialized tongue brushes for gentle application to the tongue were introduced in the Nikkei Asian Review (12/2/2007 health section) as effective in removing this tongue coating.
Circled portion: tongue coating

The S-Care makes it possible to cleanly remove the coating on the tongue, which is a cause of bad breath.
This type of tongue care is vital in order to prevent bad breath!

What is a tongue brush?

While brushing one’s tongue is observed to be good for health throughout the world, it has been found that the number of people using tongue brushes is extremely limited in Japan.
Actually many individuals use a toothbrush to brush their tongues after brushing their teeth; they do not know that it causes damage to their tongues.
While there are presently many individuals using lots of sprays and gums for bad breath, they can only stave off the odor for a period of time; they do not deal with the root cause of bad breath.
It is said that bad breath is caused by disorders within the mouth, otolaryngological ailments, medical ailments in the digestive organs, and from other issues.

The largest causes of bad breath are found in the mouth, and amongst these, it is the coating on the tongue that causes bad breath the most, which consists of aging cells and bits of food that attach to its surface.
Using the S-Care to scrub the tongue removes the coating on the tongue. Removing this coating makes it possible to prevent bad breath.

Usage Method
Apply the convex side of the brush to the surface of the tongue.Be sure to pull from the back to the front of the tongue several times.
The concave side is for the side of the tongue.In the same way, gently pull from the back to the front of the tongue.
Precautions for Use:

To avoid damaging the surface of the tongue, do not rub too forcefully.
Use for roughly 20-30 seconds prior to brushing teeth.
Be careful not to insert deeply into the back of the tongue as it may cause gagging.
Discontinue use if for any reason abnormalities appear.
Wash thoroughly and store after use.
(Cover the water faucet with one’s fingers, allowing for contaminants to be cleanly disposed of through the water pressure.)
In the case of use by small children, use under the supervision of an adult.
Be careful not to move about or run with the tongue brush inserted into the mouth.

Made in Japan

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