Since 2009

oo35mm (“oh oh thirty five millimeter”) has become synonymous with the latest beauty, and skincare trends. But, what does our name really mean? You might glance at the logo and be utterly confused. It’s fine. We are, too.

When we first started, the idea that film could take you to places you’ve never been before resonated with us. We wanted to bring that experience into our store. For us, the “oo” in “oo35mm” symbolizes the eyes while “35mm” represents the classic 35mm film.

Today at oo35mm, we strive to:

  • Make hard to find products from all over the world accessible through our store;
  • Introduce products we research, test, and love, while keeping a pulse on our customer picks and cult favorites;
  • Support indie brands whenever we can, as a small business ourselves.

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